Research & Development

For the research and development project I had decided to look into animation. My reason for this was that for the real world project I wanted to come up with an idea/pitch for an original animation. Looking back at this choice, I can say that it was a bad choice for this project. As I have had limited experience in animation and I wouldn’t want to be in a position where I would be competing with people who have had more experience in animation than me.

For research consisted of looking at key thinkers in the industry, my idea behind this research was to gain an insight into their thought processes.  Key thinkers included Walt Disney, John Lasseter and Hayao Miyazaki. Each had their own ways of thinking but still shared similar principles in their thought processes, the major rule being that the story is paramount to the whole project.

Although I felt that this choice of topic wasn’t the right one after I had done it, I still learnt valuable things, which I have taken on into other projects. Mainly changes in my working method for example when designing characters for a story I now know that concentrating on a strong silhouette is a major part of the design process. Because if your character can be easily identified from its silhouette, it means the design is strong and holds together well.


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