The Final Major Project

For the final major project I wanted to continue which the ideas I had for a children’s book from the real world project. One of the first things I knew I had to do was to give the story a name. At first I called it ‘Monica’s Monster’ (Monica being the little girl who befriends the monster). But I later decided that the monster is the main focus of the story and how he becomes to be accepted into the town. The final name I decided upon for the monster and the story was ‘The Scruffleback’ I felt this name had somewhat of a charm to it.

Going into creating artwork I knew I had to make a style change. At first I was using Photoshop with a Wacom tablet to create my designs and they all turned out really airbrushed and looked tacky to me. I knew if I wasn’t enjoying making the images then id never get anything done. I then came across a programme called Art Rage, which can actually mimic the characteristics of real life media’s such as chalk, pencil, and various paints. This programme gave a more organic feel to the aesthetic and I was able to create a visual style I was happy to continue with.

Here are some early pieces I created exploring character design possibilities with the Art Rage programme.

Because I am more of a character designer at heart I was struggling with creating a decent script, spent many long nights with a notepad trying to create decent dialogue. So I then decided instead of created a fully finalised book with a script I would create the world of the story visually with a story plot decided. I could use this for pitching.

 The following images show settings and places in my story.

To explore the story of my characters I have created a book of storyboards that explores how all the main characters meet the Scruffleback (Monica, Monica’s Dad and the stories villain, the Hunter). Finalised artwork has also been created from these storyboards.

To accompany the storyboard book I have complied all my artwork into one book as well, which shows the exploration and evolution in my design.


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