Retro pictures

During my final year on Uwic’s illustration course I created 4 illustrations for four issues of the student newspaper ‘the retro’ (a monthly paper). The first image I created was for an article that explored into how cows produce such a large amount of CO2 gas that it harms the environment just as much as car fumes. The idea I wanted to get into the piece was to visualize a cow has a sort of power plant, spewing harmful emissions.

The second piece I created was for an article concerning world Australia day. For this I researched into cultural aspects of Australia, from wildlife, cities, people etc. the final piece shows the Sydney Opera house drawn in the style of an aboriginal cave painting. I believe that this mixed and celebrated the old and new of Australia’s history

The third piece I created was to promote uwics student president elections. The piece was intended to inspire and remind people to vote. This made me think of the World War 1 & 2 recruitment posters, which often had the slogan ‘We Need You!’ I looked into American army recruitment poster, in particular ones with the Uncle Same character on. I then made a character based on his appearance. This image was also used for election posters that were placed all over campus.

The final image I created for the Retro paper was in regards to an article concerning ‘save a spider day’ which urged people not to kill spiders and not to be afraid of them. The idea I wanted for this piece was to show that humans and spiders could co-exist in peace and harmony. I felt that the piece showed this well. But unfortunately the piece was cropped only to show the spider. And was then placed to an image of Spider-man from the Spider-man 2 movie…..


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