The dreaded dissertation! If you are like me and prefer to draw rather than doing written work then you will dread doing your dissertation as I did. I wanted to make my topic of my dissertation relevant to aspects of my life, find things I enjoy and link them to illustration. So I decided upon exploring how illustration is used within design in the videogame industry (I’ am a big videogame fan).

The title I decided upon was

‘How is illustration used to develop video game aesthetic’?

 As this title covered to areas of which I greatly enjoy, the thought of researching and typing the dissertation became less of a task. To begin with I researched concept illustration and the videogame industry individually, exploring their roots and origins and how the technologies and processes in each industry have evolved over the years. I then took 3 existing videogames known for their aesthetic and research into how the early stages of concept design drawing influenced the look of the final product.

I then researched into working concept illustrators, this was done to gain an insight into their thought and practical processes, to understand how they go about created whole worlds from a videogame script and what influences them during the early stages of development. I later took example of videogame concept illustrations and compared them to my own concept illustrations. This was done to show what I’ve learnt in terms of thought and process in design and how I can further develop my own design work.


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