The purpose of this project was to create an idea for something that can be pitched, or get yourself a real life commission, Similar to the publicity project in the second year.

From my R&D project I realised that I was not going to go forward with creating an animation. So instead I decided I wanted to create an idea for a children’s book age range from 5-9 (roughly). From the early stages of the project I realised that it must be a story that I would have enjoyed when I was a child. I knew from the get go I wanted a child character as one of the focal characters in the story, as I felt children could get more involved in the story.

My original concept for the story was that of a young ‘geek’ boy, bullied at school with no friends, but being a genius he decides to make his own robot friend.

As quickly as this idea came, it fell apart. I couldn’t create a convincing homemade robot design and I felt if I couldn’t do that then the story wouldn’t work.

Then after some research into children’s stories such as ‘The Gruffalo’ and Pixar’s ‘Monster Inc.’ I decided that an organic, ‘monster’ character would actually work a lot better for my story. So work began on created a big-foot style creature that would befriend the small child character. Later in character development the design of the child changed from a boy to a girl. Through early sketches it became Cleary that a female character just worked better with the large, strong monster design. I wanted the design of the monster to be similar of a gorilla of a big-foot style creature as I wanted the setting to be a small mountain town surrounded by forest, I felt that this natural, ape like aesthetic would work nicely with the setting.


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