Storyboards are a form of pictoral organisation. a series of illustrations created from a script are shown and displayed in sequence, this is used for the purpose of pre-visualizaton in many industries, these include: film, tv, advertisment, video game, theater and comic books.

requirements for a storyboard artist are as follows:

excellent illustration skills.

the abillity to convey/communicate the message/story of the project via pictoral form.

be able to commincate ideas to other memebers of staff, if need be actually act out the storyboards.

must be able to take directoin and criticism, the director of the project is in charge and you work for them.

good presentation and commincation skills are a must.

from my research so far it seems that a degree is not required to become a stroyboard artsit. butsome sort of training and education in illustration and animation is needed. with this iin mind sotryboarding is a career option open to people from varying walks of life, making competition high.


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