PRO’ PRAC RESEARCH. storyboarding.

from looking into what is needed from a storyboard artsit ive realised what i have to do for myself to better my chances of getting work in the storyboarding industry. to better my chances i aim to better my presentation and communication skills, learn to keep people informed on whats happening. and work on my clarity of speech so not to confuse myself and others when presenting work.

in terms of my drawing skills i feel that i need to work on scences and settings, how to convingly place characters into settings and situations. if it dosent show clearly in the storyboard whats meant to be happening then the dierector isnt going to be convinced.

ways i can over come these problems are to go to life drawings classes, draw people in public places to learn how we interact with surroundings.

speak in public or in big crowds, i feel this would help me in talking clearly to large numbers of people for presentating.

and set myself deadlines and stick to them, learn to be more self dispilinced.


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